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Today 17 percent of all energy used in Canada goes toward running our homes. Every time we use energy from fossils fuels such as coal, oil and gas, greenhouse gas emissions are produced.  By using less energy in our homes, we help reduce these emissions which contribute to climate change. The Government of Canada is asking all Canadians to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by one tonne or 20 percent. By making your home more energy efficient, you can make your contribution to help protect our environment. The ECO Energy Retrofit for Houses service offers homeowners individualized advice from an independent third-party professional, on how to improve the energy performance of their home. You will be provided with a detailed ECO Energy Retrofit for Houses report  and recommendations on how to reduce your heating cost and improve the energy efficiency of your house. We offer energyaudits in Toronto, Mississauga, Richmond Hill and surrounding areas.


Yuri Olhovsky is NRCan Certified Energy Adviser.   ES_Logo As an experienced ECO energy adviser Yuri will give you advice on how to economically increase your home’s energy efficiency, improve comfort and reduce energy use. He will show you how to link energy efficiency with home improvements.  The evaluation includes the following:

  • A Blower Door test to identify air-leakage points

BD Blower Door is a state of the art equipment that is used in building diagnostics to measure the air tightness of small to medium size buildings. It consists of metal frame with tarpaulin that fits average sized door, pressure measuring instrument such as Magnehelic® or digital gauge and calibrated variable-speed fan. Blower door tests are used by building researchers, insulation contractors, and energy auditors in efforts to assess the construction quality of the building envelope, locate air leakage pathways, assess how much ventilation is supplied by the air leakage, assess the energy losses resulting from that air leakage, determine if the building too tight or too lose, determine if the building needs mechanical ventilation and to assess compliance with building performance standards.

  • A comprehensive walk-through of your house to collect data for modeling your home’s energy use.
  • An ECO Energy Retrofit for Houses report with customized energy upgrade recommendations for your home prepared with HOT-2000 energy efficient modeling software



    • An estimate of annual energy consumption along with an EnerGuide rating and label.




The base price for the ECO Energy Retrofit  for Houses service is $ 325 plus HST for the houses up to 2500 sq.ft including basement, crawl space and any other heated space.

Additional charges apply for larger houses and for additional travel outside of the normal service area for the local energy advisor.

Additional Charges

There is an additional charge for houses over 2500 square feet (including basement) of $5.00 per 100 square feet. There may also be an additional charge per house of $0.75 per kilometer, for travel greater than 100 km round trip from the energy adviser’s place of business.

Yuri Olhovsky is also a certified ENERGY STAR evaluator for new homes. After adopting an SB-12 supplementary standard in 2012 Ontario building code strengthened the requirements to comply with energy efficiency for new homes. In order to be competitive in the new housing market many builders take an extra step to build ENERGY STAR homes that are on average 25 to 30% more efficient than building code requires them to be. This reduces overall maintenance cost for the house, lowers the utility bill and improves health and safety of the occupants. An ENERGY STAR certified evaluator is an independent third party advisor who works closely with the builder from the design stage to the final Blower Door test and ensures that the house will meet or exceed the performance of the ENERGY STAR home.

ENERGY STAR homes utilize many systems and components that are unique for their design and construction. Besides an increased levels of insulation in the walls and attic you can find a Drain Water Heat Recovery System that effectively increases an efficiency of the water heater tank; Heat Recovery Ventilator that not only provides all necessary ventilation to the occupants but also recovers heat from conditioned space thus reducing the load on the furnace; solar water heaters; heat pumps and many more.

We conduct energy audits and energy efficiency inspections 7 days a week in Toronto, Mississauga, Richmond Hill and surrounding areas.










* EnerGuide is a registered trademark of Natural Resources Canada.  Used with permission.

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