Q. Why should I choose you? 


A. Choosing the right home inspector is very difficult.  You have only one chance to inspect your home before waving the condition.  That is why you need someone who is dedicated to his work and clearly understands that his job is to protect you – the consumer – from getting into the money pit. Yuri Olhovsky, the principal inspector of Home Inspections 4Uwill examine your house thoroughly and report all his findings to you, whether they are good or bad.  Yuri has an adequate background, knowledge, experience, tools and, most importantly, great desire to protect you from unexpected “surprises” in your house. 



Is Energy Efficiency evaluation part of the Home Inspection? 


A. No. It is a separate service, independent of the home inspection.  During the inspection, Yuri Olhovsky assesses the condition of windows, doors, attic and basement insulation, wall construction and heating system, and, being a Certified Energy Advisor, can comment on the energy efficiency of these components.  If you are planning future renovations, Yuri may recommend you to perform an evaluation.  This evaluation will give you sound advice on the energy efficiency of your home and provide you with detailed recommendations on energy improvements.



Q. Is mold analysis part of the general Home Inspection? 

A. No.  Mold and other environmental issues are specifically excluded from a general home inspection.  However, Yuri has received special training from CMHC as an IAQ investigator.  Based on his knowledge, he can alert you to a potential problem with mold and other hazardous substances that could be seen during a home inspection



Q. What are your prices for Home Inspection, compared to other seasonal inspectors? 

A. Prices for a professional home inspection vary largely, depending on the size of the house, its age, location, and other factors, such as finished basement, for instance.  But, of course, different inspectors may quote different prices based on their experience, education and training, the presence of professional liability insurance, etc.  This is the case where a $50 or even a $100 difference should not prompt you to select the cheaper inspector.  Remember, you always get what you paid for.  Home inspection is all about quality work. Why would you trust the cheapest guy in town with the largest investment of your life? We have everything you need to make sure you hire the right professional to do the job.  




Q. Do you give any guarantees on the house that you inspect? 

A. No.  We do not guarantee that the house you came to buy does not currently have nor will ever have any defects in it.  What we do guarantee is that if there are serious defects present, we make every effort to discover them and inform you about them, so that you are aware of what needs to be done. For an extra peace of mind we also provide you with 90 days warranty on our inspection findings that includes major structural, electrical and mechanical systems.




Q. Do you provide any repairs or recommend a specific contractor for repairs on the inspected house?

A. No.  We do not do any repairs ourselves, nor do we recommend anybody for such repairs.  Yuri Olhovsky is an independent and unbiased professional.  He strictly adheres to the Code of Ethics of the association that he belongs to, and his only duty is to serve you – the client.  That is why he always works only with you and only for you.



Q. Can we contact you for consultation and advice after closing?

A. YES!  We always stand behind our inspection and report.  Any future phone consultations are available to all our clients free of charge. 




Q. Can you provide references if needed?

A. We will gladly provide you with as many references (names and phone numbers) as you want, and you are encouraged to contact them and find out their opinions about the quality of service they received.




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